Poly-Glide Flat Disposable Slide Sheet

Regular Price £144.24

  • Disposable
  • Supplied in a dispenser box
  • Contains 100 pieces
  • 200 x 75 cm
  • White


This slide sheet is intended for disposal after use. It is produced in tough PP with a low friction PU coating to provide easy patient repositioning or transfer.

This is a universal sheet suited to all healthcare settings and could be included in an infection control strategy to assist in combating MRSA and other infectious bacteria, helping to create a more hygenic and safer environment for patients.

The Poly-Glide Flat Disposable Slide Sheet can be used as a pair back to back or as a single sheet folded in half to provide multi-directional movement for seated or supine patients and avoid the need for manual patient lifting.

The carton contains 100 slide sheets and acts as a neat and convenient dispenser.

Supplied in a standard size 200 x 75 cm.