Wireless Wetsense Alerta Bed Mat

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  • Alarm mat specifically designed for individuals suffering from incontinence
  • Ideal for use in care environments and residential settings
  • Features a convenient wireless connection system
  • Can be placed discreetly under a sheet for optimal use
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Introducing the revolutionary Wireless Wetsense Alerta Bed Mat, a cutting-edge solution designed specifically to address the challenges of continence care and provide optimal care for individuals in need. Designed with the utmost thoughtfulness and expertise, this bed mat serves as an invaluable tool for carers by offering real-time updates on wetness detection, enabling timely responses and preventing discomfort and potential risks such as skin breakdown or infection.

The Wireless Wetsense Alerta Bed Mat is exceptionally easy to use, conveniently fitting beneath a regular sheet on any bed. Once positioned, the advanced wireless technology within the mat instantly detects wetness and promptly transmits this crucial information to caregivers. This ensures that they are alerted to any incidents as soon as they happen, empowering them to offer the necessary assistance swiftly and efficiently.

Flexibility is at the core of the Wireless Wetsense Alerta Bed Mat’s design, allowing it to seamlessly adapt to a wide range of care settings. In a professional care environment, it can be effortlessly connected to a nurse call system, integrating seamlessly with existing protocols and routines. This integrated approach allows for streamlined communication and coordination among medical professionals, ensuring that patient care remains at the forefront. Furthermore, the versatility of the Wireless Wetsense Alerta Bed Mat extends beyond clinical environments, as it can also be utilized independently in home settings. This enables personal caregivers to provide exceptional care in a familiar and comfortable environment.

The bed mat’s wireless transmitter effortlessly connects to a conveniently placed wall-point receiver, guaranteeing that caregivers receive instant notifications regardless of their location within the premises.

When it comes to caring for individuals with enuresis, every second counts. With the Wireless Wetsense Alerta Bed Mat’s sophisticated technology and reliable performance, caregivers can rest assured that they will never miss a crucial moment. By receiving immediate alerts, they can take immediate action, minimizing the impact of accidents and ensuring the utmost comfort and well-being of those in their care.

Choose the Wireless Wetsense Alerta Bed Mat for its unparalleled accuracy, ease of use, and exceptional reliability. Rest easy knowing that you have the most advanced tool available to actively monitor wetness and promptly respond to any incidents. Empower yourself with the knowledge and capabilities that the Wireless Wetsense Alerta Bed Mat offers, providing unparalleled care in both professional and personal environments.

* The Wireless Transmitter is supplied with the Wireless Wetsense Alerta Bed Mat, it uses radio frequency to connect, with a wireless range of up to 95 metres. Once paired with the wall point receiver it will only transmit to that receiver and will not interfere with any other wireless systems in the area. The wireless receiver requires 2 x AAA 1.5 v batteries which are not included.

** This item can be purchased with or without a Wall Point Receiver, which is required to use the product. The wall point receiver can be used as a wall mount powered by mains or wirelessley using batteries.

*** A three month warranty is offered on this item due to the nature of the substance they are expected to be in regular contact with. The Wireless Wetsense Alerta Mats can be replaced on their own and the wireless transmitter and receiver can be  reused with a replacement mat.



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