Wipeezee XL Coverall Bib – Grey Happy Fruit

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  • Full coverage – the bib covers the child, their lap, and the highchair for maximum protection. Simply slide the underside pocket over the front edge of your highchair. If required there are two elastic straps to fasten the bib to the highchair in a choice of positions.
  • The bib can be folded back to use suction bowls and plates on the tray
  • If not using a tray the pocket can be flipped out to catch dropped food.
  • Made out of Bibetta’s exclusive Wipeezee® 100% wipe-clean material (a smooth, wipe-clean, polyurethane coating on the front for easy cleaning and polyester fabric on the back for comfort and a soft feel on the skin)
  • More relaxed mealtimes by making it easy to clean up afterward
  • 100% waterproof, 100% wipe-cleanable, and machine washable
  • Ideal for baby-led weaning and messy play
  • Fun and engaging design
  • Perfect for travel – can be rolled or folded up to fit into changing bags when out and about
  • Long lasting durable product

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The Wipeezee XL Coverall Bib in Grey Happy Fruit is an innovative product by Bibetta that ensures mess-free mealtimes for your little one. This bib has won a gold award in recognition of its amazing features that make feeding time easier for parents and comfortable for babies.

With a full-coverage design, the bib covers not just the baby’s chest but also the arms and highchair table, making it virtually impossible for food and liquids to get on your little one’s clothes or the chair. The XL size of the bib ensures that it fits most highchairs and provides complete protection from all angles.

The Wipeezee XL Coverall Bib has three modes of usage, depending on your baby’s stage of development and your preference. In the first mode, the bib covers the chest and arms only, making it ideal for babies who are just starting to eat solid food. In the second mode, the bib covers the chest, arms and highchair table, providing full coverage and making it easy to clean up after meals. In the third mode, the bib can be used as an apron, providing protection to clothes during craft or messy play activities.

The Grey Happy Fruit design of the bib makes it perfect for both boys and girls, with its vibrant and playful print.

The bib is made of durable, lightweight and waterproof materials, making it easy to clean after use. Simply wipe it off with a damp cloth or rinse it under running water, and it will be ready for the next meal.

Investing in the Wipeezee XL Coverall Bib is a wise choice for parents who want to make mealtimes hassle-free and enjoyable for their little ones. The bib’s unique design, three modes of usage, and easy-to-clean features make it an innovative and essential product for any parent.

Length: 67cm
Width (at the widest point): 64cm.