Victoria London Opulence Zero Twist 600GSM

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  • Luxuriously plush at 600GSM
  • Supremely soft
  • Brilliantly absorbent
  • A very absorbent, fast drying and insulating towel
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There’s no such thing as a towel being too soft but we think Victoria London Opulence Zero Twist comes very close.

Their best ever towel, luxuriously plush at 600GSM. The zero twist towels are so supremely soft, they definitely will not disappoint. Brilliantly absorbent they’re like magic, makes for the perfect towel in a busy bathroom or for lavish lounging. A must-have for your home or they would make a perfect gift.

What’s special about the Opulence Zero Twist towels?

Well, in a zero-twist towel the fibres used aren’t spun in a typical way. They are not twisted before they are weaved like a classic towel. This creates a larger surface area which allows the fibres to absorb moisture more easily. Zero twist fabrics can only be constructed from long, staple yarn achieving a very absorbent, fast drying and insulating towel. Giving the guarantee you surely will be investing in a high-quality product.

The Opulence range consists of four contemporary colours that will suit any bathroom which are Charcoal Grey, Champagne Cream, Duck Egg and Chrystal White.

Dimensions: Bath Sheet 150 x 90cm | Bath Towel 130 x 70cm | Hand Towel 85 x 50cm | Face Cloth 30 x 30cm.

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Bath, Bath Sheet, Face, Hand


Duck Egg, Charcoal Black, Cream, White