Bibetta UltraBib with Raglan Sleeves – Safari

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  • The ideal first weaning bib with sleeves with a soft, springy, pelican-style pocket that folds out to catch food
  • Raglan sleeved shape with a wide pocket and relaxed body shape for a longer lasting fit!
  • Adjustable Velcro fastening on the back means the bib stays on!
  • Made of neoprene so it is stretchy and flexible with a really soft and friendly feel that children love
  • Durable waterproof neoprene body
  • Strong, soft and waterproof sleeve material with elasticated cuffs
  • Absorbent top layer
  • Washable by hand or machine at 30 deg. C. max.
  • Tumble drier proof and durable
  • Multi-award winning design in our own colourful Safari print in Orange
  • Perfect for baby led weaning and messy play

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Introducing the Bibetta UltraBib with Raglan Sleeves in our vibrant Safari print – the ultimate solution for messy mealtimes and playful activities! Designed specifically for first-weaning, this innovative bib is equipped with raglan sleeves and a soft, springy pelican-style pocket that effortlessly unfolds to catch food spills. The raglan sleeved shape, combined with a wider pocket and relaxed body, ensures a longer-lasting fit, perfect for growing little ones.

Say goodbye to constant readjusting! Our UltraBib features an adjustable Velcro fastening on the back, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit that stays in place throughout mealtime. No more worries about bibs slipping off or causing discomfort to your little one.

Crafted from high-quality neoprene fabric, the UltraBib is stretchy, flexible, and exceptionally soft, providing your child with a gentle and friendly feel they’ll love. The durable waterproof neoprene body guarantees long-lasting use, while the strong, soft, and waterproof sleeve material boasts elasticated cuffs, offering extra protection against stains and spills.

Keeping cleanliness in mind, the UltraBib comes with an absorbent top layer, effectively trapping any liquids and preventing mess. Cleaning up is a breeze as this bib is conveniently washable by hand or machine at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. No need to worry about durability, as this bib is tumble dryer proof, ready for the next mealtime adventure.

Our Bibetta UltraBib with Raglan Sleeves has received numerous esteemed awards for its outstanding design. The Safari print in lively shades of orange adds a playful touch, making mealtime fun for both parents and children. It’s the perfect bib for baby-led weaning and messy play, allowing your little one to explore and enjoy their meals without any worries.

So, why compromise on quality and style when you can have it all with the Bibetta UltraBib? Make mealtime a stress-free and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Say goodbye to stained clothes and messy floors – try the Bibetta UltraBib with Raglan Sleeves in our Safari print today and witness the magic for yourself!

Neck Circumference: 24-34cm
Width: 30cm
Length: 29cm neck to base of pocket