Supersoft Anti-Bed Bug Microfibre Duvet and Pillow Barrier Set

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  • This Anti-Bed Bug duvet and pillow protector set combines ultimate sleeping comfort with protection against bed bugs, dust mites, and other allergens—no need to choose protection over comfort; also helps contain feathers from down and feather duvets
  • Made of 100% breathable Microfibre with a super-tight weave for the ultimate shield against allergens—a great alternative to allergen barriers with waterproof, non-breathable, vinyl-like linings that can be hot, noisy, and uncomfortable
  • Fully zipped for complete protection which ensures a reliable and comprehensive defence against allergens, with the zipper positioned slightly offset from the edge to ensure smooth zipping without snagging the edge of a duvet inside
  • Machine washable at 40°C, Tumble dry on low heat.


Introducing the Supersoft Anti-Bed Bug Microfibre Duvet and Pillow Barrier Set, the ultimate solution for a comfortable and allergy-free sleep experience. Designed with your well-being in mind, this high-quality bedding set offers a multitude of benefits that will transform your bedroom into a haven of tranquillity and promote a restful night’s sleep. Our duvet and pillow barrier set is specially crafted with anti-bed bug and anti-allergenic properties, providing you with a safe and hygienic sleeping environment. Say goodbye to worries about unwelcome bed bugs and pesky allergens that can disrupt your sleep and affect your health. This barrier set acts as a protective shield, preventing these irritants from penetrating the fabric and causing any discomfort or allergies.

One of the standout features of our duvet and pillow barrier set is its exceptional softness. Made from premium microfibre, both the duvet and pillow offer a luxuriously soft and plush surface that allows you to sink into a cocoon of comfort. Embrace the feeling of pure indulgence as you snuggle up with our hypo-allergenic duvet and pillow set, providing unmatched softness and support for a truly serene sleep.

Keeping your bedding clean and fresh is effortless with our duvet and pillow barrier set. Both the duvet and pillow come with a practical zippered closure, allowing you to easily remove and wash them whenever necessary. Just unzip, toss them in your washing machine, and let the machine work its magic. You can also conveniently tumble dry the duvet and pillow, saving you time and effort in maintaining their pristine condition.

In addition to its eminent protective and soft features, our duvet and pillow barrier set also acts as a bed bug barrier. It serves as a shield against these unwanted pests, preventing them from infesting your bedding and ensuring that you can sleep soundly without any worries. Rest easy knowing that our barrier set is there to safeguard your sleep environment and maintain your well-being.

Choose the Supersoft Anti-Bed Bug Microfibre Duvet and Pillow Barrier Set and experience the epitome of comfort, cleanliness, and protection that will elevate your sleep to a whole new level. Indulge yourself with this superior bedding set that is a perfect combination of practicality and luxury. Say goodbye to allergies, bed bugs, and restless nights, and say hello to the peaceful slumber you deserve.

Available in Single, Double, King and Super King Sizes these sets contain one duvet protector and two zipped pillow protectors. Extra pillow protectors pairs are also available.


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