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Introducing the SafeHip Air-X Hip Protection, a revolutionary solution designed for individuals who have experienced falls or are prone to falling. With its exceptional features, this hip protector aims to mitigate the detrimental consequences associated with falls, such as operations, extended hospital stays, months of rehabilitation, compromised mobility, and the alarming risk of mortality following hip fractures.The prevalence of hip fractures is expected to escalate due to our rapidly aging population. Global estimates indicate that the number of hip fractures will surge from 1.66 million presently to 2.6 million by 2025, and a staggering 6.26 million by 2050. As this concerning trend unfolds, ensuring effective hip protection becomes paramount.

Much like a seatbelt, lifejacket, or motorcycle helmet, our SafeHip Air-X Hip Protection secures individuals at risk just as dutifully. By deploying this protective gear, the risk of sustaining serious injuries is significantly reduced, leading to potentially life-saving outcomes. We understand that falls not only cause physical harm but also impose financial burdens on individuals and healthcare systems alike. By investing in hip protectors, such costly consequences can be mitigated, saving both lives and money.

Moreover, the benefits of SafeHip Air-X extend beyond physical safety. By providing a heightened sense of security to its users, this hip protection enables individuals to maintain an active and social lifestyle while fostering confidence. It ensures that daily activities, social interactions, and personal independence remain uninterrupted, allowing individuals to reclaim control over their lives. With SafeHip Air-X, living life to the fullest becomes a tangible reality once again.

SafeHip Air-X is a 100% textile hip protector with the protector shield based on the Air-X spacer fabric technology, which is a breathable, skin friendly and soft textile material. The Air-X Technology is your guarantee for ultimate compliance.

Available in three models- a female, male and unisex model in white. The pants are flexible and comfortable to wear, not too warm, and may be used with incontinence pads as a fixation pant. they have been designed to perform like regular underwear, with a fly opening on the male model and lace-look detail on the female. When the gender of the patient is not known in advance, the Unisex brief is suitable for both.

All SafeHip Air-X pants are very durable and can be washed in industrial washing machines at 95*C and tumble dried at high temperatures.

Sizes Overlap. To find the user’s correct size, measure the hips at the widest point. If the hip measurement lies between two sizes, choose the smaller size if the patient has slim thighs, and the larger size if thighs are wide or an incontinence pad will be worn.


100% Air-X soft textile

Seamless Briefs

58% Cotton

36% Polyamide

6% Elastane

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Male version with Fly, Female with Flower Detail, Neutral Design Unisex, Open Version


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