Raised Toilet Seat, 4 INCHES

Regular Price £18.34

  • Convenient and practical 4-inch raise in seat height for enhanced accessibility
  • Durable construction designed to withstand extensive use without compromising stability
  • Robust weight capacity of 200 kg for unparalleled strength and support
  • Simplifies daily routine for individuals with mobility challenges or requiring assistance
  • Facilitates easier access for sitting down and standing up from the toilet


Introducing the Raised Toilet Seat, a game-changer in the world of toileting accessibility. Designed with utmost precision and functionality, this exceptional product raises the seat height by a convenient and practical 4 inches. Whether you require enhanced accessibility at home or in a nursing home, this raised plastic toilet seat guarantees an effortless and comfortable toilet experience for individuals with specific needs.

Crafted with durability in mind, the Raised Toilet Seat is built to withstand extensive use without compromising on stability. With a robust weight capacity of 200 kg, this remarkable seat offers unparalleled strength and support, ensuring your safety and peace of mind. Ideal for those who face mobility challenges or require assistance in using the toilet, this ingenious invention is here to simplify your daily routine. The additional 4-inch lift facilitates easier access, making sitting down and standing up from the toilet a breeze. Say goodbye to discomfort and strain, and hello to a more independent and empowering lifestyle.

Created to empower individuals with limited mobility, this exceptional toilet seat serves as a thoughtful addition to both home care environments and nursing homes. Its installation process is quick and hassle-free, ensuring immediate results and immediate relief. Rest assured, this raised toilet seat is designed to seamlessly integrate into any toilet bowl, guaranteeing a perfect fit without compromising on stability or security. Not only does the Raised Toilet Seat provide unparalleled comfort and support, but its sleek and unobtrusive design also blends seamlessly with any bathroom decor.

Its smooth surface and elegant contours make cleaning and maintenance effortless, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – enjoying the improved accessibility and comfort of your toilet. Don’t let limitations hinder your independence and dignity any longer.

With the Raised Toilet Seat, you can enhance your bathroom experience and regain control over your daily routine. Revolutionize the way you access your toilet and redefine what is possible with this innovative solution.