PVC Zipped Duvet Protector

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  • Ultimate protection for your duvet
  • Fire retardant and waterproof PVC material
  • Best defence against heavy soiling
  • Keeps duvet clean and hygienic
  • Ideal for children’s bedrooms, care homes, and nursing environments
  • Perfect for those dealing with incontinence issues
  • Easy-to-use zip closure for full enclosure and peace of mind


Introducing our PVC Zipped Duvet Protector, designed to provide the ultimate protection for your duvet. Made from fire retardant, waterproof PVC material, this duvet protector offers the best defence against heavy soiling, keeping your duvet clean and hygienic. Ideal for various settings including children’s bedrooms, care homes, and nursing environments, this duvet protector is perfect for those dealing with incontinence issues. The easy-to-use zip closure ensures that your duvet is fully enclosed, providing extra peace of mind and protection.

Say goodbye to worrying about spills and stains on your duvet, and say hello to a clean and fresh sleep environment with our PVC Zipped Duvet Protector. Quality, durability, and protection – all in one product.

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