Foxy Plastic Sock Aid/Stocking Aid

Regular Price £6.50

✔ Wide enough to accommodate larger or swollen feet without stretching hosiery
✔ Notch either side helps to hold the hosiery in place while pulling up
✔ No getting out of breath or light headed bending to put socks on
✔ Stress free dressing to start your day



We all have times where we could do with a little help with everyday tasks. Getting dressed each day can be one of these challenges, especially if you are trying to put on socks. So if you, or a loved one is fighting a daily battle to get dressed, or have given up entirely on wearing socks, our flexible Foxy Plastic Sock and Stocking Aid could be the solution to ending this everyday frustration.

Simple and inexpensive dressing aid, the Foxy wide sock aid is a useful gadget to put socks or stockings on especially if bending or reaching your foot is difficult. The long cotton tapes make it easy to use from a seated position, thus reducing the need to bend at the hip or knee especially post surgery.

The sock puller is a strong, shaped, flexible plastic core. Wide enough to accommodate larger or swollen feet without stretching hosiery unnecessarily. A notch either side helps to hold hosiery in place while pulling up around the foot and leg.

  • The long reins have wide hand loops which make it ideal for independent dressing.
  • Latex free sock helper is easy to maintain/wipe clean.
  • Easy to store, either store in your underwear drawer or take on your holiday, fits flat into a suitcase.
  • Brightly coloured for those with poor or limited eye sight