Flat Patient Specific Slide Sheet – With Handles

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  •  Patient specific
  •  Lightweight
  • Full body length


Cromptons Healthcare Slide Sheets are made from a Transtex, a specially developed fabric that is silicone coated on both sides to provide a slick, low friction finish for easy patient movement and turning.

Patient Specific Slide Sheets are made from Transtex fabric and are red in colour. Slide Sheets made from this lightweight fabric are designed to accompany the patient during their stay in hospital and then disposed of when the patient has no further use of them.

Not intended for laundering. Lightly soiled sheets may be wiped clean using a dilute chlorine based solution or a good quality sterilisation fluid.

Slide sheets are not intended for lifting, and all patient manoeuvres should be accomplished without lifting.

Flat Slide Sheet with handles are full body-length sheets and can be used as a pair back to back or as a single sheet folded in half. Featuring handles along the full lengths of three sides for a positive grip and safe patient movement. The handles are attached with flag style stitch patterns to provide a strong secure product for both patient and carer. The handles running along the short edge enables carers to provide additional support to the patients head during repositioning manoeuvres.