Easi-Grip Cultivator

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Key Features:

  • Stainless steel tool prevents soil adhesion for easier use and cleaning
  • Ergonomic handle keeps the hand in a natural position, preventing strain
  • Non-slip grip prevents tool from slipping in the hand even in wet conditions
  • Brightly coloured handle – easy to find in the garden or shed
  • Extremely light-weight
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This high-quality stainless steel Easi-Grip Cultivator benefits from an ergonomic handle. The design of this tool makes them ideal for use by all gardeners regardless of age and ability.

An optional arm support cuff is sold separately to make them easier to use for those with conditions which significantly reduce grip strength.

Recommended For:

  • Weak Grip
  • Visual Impairment

How to use:

The below illustration demonstrates the benefits of the ergonomic handle. Traditional in-line tools create wrist strain and after prolonged use can call callouses on the hands.