Easi-Grip® Add-On Handles

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Raking and sweeping can be easier if you can use an Add-On Easi-Grip Handle and an arm support cuff, particularly if you use one hand, have a weak grip or weak wrist.

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Provided in a pack of two.

You can have all the benefits of our Easi-Grip handles without replacing your garden tools. By simply attaching the add-on handles to your garden tools you can make them more comfortable to use. These can also be added to the arm support cuffs (sold separately.)

By using two Add-On Handles set at right angles to each other on a rake or hoe you can carry out the task without twisting and bending, saving your back as well as your hands.

Add-On Handles are not only for use on gardening utensils, but they can also be used on golf trollies, oars and many more items around the house.

Recommended For:

  • Weak Grip
  • Difficulty Bending
  • Visual Impairment
  • One-Handed


Easi-Grip style handle

Keeps the hand and wrist in a natural angle which prevents the discomfort of the wrist.

Two steel “Jubilee” clips with plastic wing-spade thumb screws

The handle can be fitted to any tool with a shaft diameter of up to 40 mm (1.5″) so that tools can benefit from the ergonomic angled handle. Prevents the need to replace existing tools with Easi-Grip tools.

Can also be added to long-shafted tools such as hoes and rakes

Allows a wider working field and prevents the need for twisting and bending.

Socket for plug-in arm support (sold seperately)

Allows plug in arm support to also be used. Enables some tasks to be completed one-handed (eg. sweeping)