Comfortnights Mini Easi-Grip Scissors

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* Continuous Loop Handle – Easy to use even with swollen joints, finger isolation is not necessary.

* Self-Opening Action – Re-open scissors when pressure is released, reducing the effort required.

* Fine Pointed Blades – Gives precise results for fine, or intricate cutting.

* Small Size – Can be used in the palm of the hand, and stored in a handbag, sewing box, or bathroom cabinet.

* Blade Guard – Protects blades and provides safe storage when not in use.

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Our Comfortnights Mini Easi-Grip Scissors are a pair of ultra-lightweight self-opening scissors. Designed for use by those with weak hands, wrists, or who are unable to use conventionally styled scissors due to swollen and painful joints.

These are a very handy pair of scissors that no home (or handbag) should be without.

As there are no finger loops on the Comfortnights Mini Easi-Grip Scissors less bias is put on the blades whilst cutting, which means they can be used by both left and right-handed users.