COMFORTNIGHTS Flame Retardant Bed Linen set, Double size, inc Duvet Cover, Fitted sheet and Pillowcase pair (Cream)

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The Comfortnights range of high- performance Flame retardant plain dyed fitted sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases are all compliant with BS7175 Ignition Source 7 which means they can safely be issued in locations where the need to consider fire safety is a priority. This can apply to any institution ranging from a Hotel to an Oil Rig, a Prison to a Conference Centre, a Hall of Residence to a Nursing home, to mention just a few.

In contrast to other fabric blends treated with fire resistant coatings, our inherently flame-retardant polyester bedding retains its fire retardancy qualities even after multiple washing Our range of high performance inherently Flame retardant 100% polyester bed linen is washable @ at 71°C for thermal disinfection.

It is very comfortable, highly durable and complies with fire safety standard BS7175 Ignition Source 7.

This double size set comprises of:

1 x Pillowcase Pair

1 x Fitted Sheet

1 x Duvet Cover