COMFORTNIGHTS® Anti-Allergy Bed Set -Pillow protectors, Mattress protector and Zipped Duvet protector

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  • These protectors provide an effective shield, which separates you from the dust mites in your duvet, mattress, and pillow.
  • Fits neatly over your pillow, mattress, and duvet in the same manner as normal bedding.
  • The zipped pillow protector fits over your pillow just like a standard pillowcase.
  • We recommend that these products be used under conventional Sheets, Pillowcases and Duvet covers.
  • Smooth & comfortable to sleep on, washable and easy to care for.
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If you or members of your family suffer from asthma, allergenic rhinitis, eczema, sneezing, itchy eyes or skin allergies, the HOUSE DUST MITE may be the major cause of your problem. On average, two million Dust Mites inhabit the average double bed sized mattress. They also live in our Pillows and Duvets. They produce harmful particles, which trigger allergic reactions in approximately one-quarter of the British population. Experts agree that the best way to avoid HOUSE DUST MITES in your bedding, is to create a barrier between you and them -The Comfortnights Collection of Anti-Allergy Mattress and Pillow Protectors do just this. The fabric used in this range of Anti-Allergy products is a unique, super soft, breathable, barrier fabric, made from a specially constructed polypropylene. It allows normal body heat and moisture to pass through, whilst creating an impenetrable barrier to dust mites and other allergens thus maintaining a comfortable and hygienic sleeping environment. This set is available in the following sizes and comprises of:

Single – 1 x Pillow Protector 1 x Duvet Protector, and 1 x Mattress Protector

Double – 2 x Pillow Protectors, 1 x Duvet Protector, and 1 x Mattress Protector

King – 2 x Pillow Protectors, 1 x Duvet Protector, and 1 x Mattress Protector

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Single, Double, King