Comfortnights Absorbent Bed Pad – Large Single 90 x 90 cm With Tucks

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  • Washable at high temperature of 95 deg. C for hygienic cleaning
  • Suitable for tumble drying, making laundry convenient
  • Highly absorbent to effectively manage incontinence and bed wetting
  • Quilted design adds extra comfort for a good night’s sleep
  • As supplied to the NHS, trusted quality for healthcare needs
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Introducing the Comfortnights Absorbent Bed Pad- Large Single 90 x 90 cm With Tucks, a highly reliable and durable product that offers superior absorbency and comfort. Measuring 90 x 90 cm, it is designed to fit snugly on a single bed, providing ample protection from accidental leaks and spills. But what makes this bed pad truly exceptional is its re-usability, unlike disposable pads that need to be thrown away after use, the Comfortnights Bed Pad can be washed and reused many times. The absorbency actually increases after the first few washes, making it an even more reliable and long-lasting product.

Hygiene is also a top priority with the Comfortnights Bed Pad. It can be washed at high temperatures to ensure proper cleanliness and sterilization, and is also suitable for tumble drying – so you can have it ready to use again in no time.

This product is also ideal for children who experience bed wetting, allowing them to sleep comfortably without worrying about nighttime accidents. Its large size and tucks also make it suitable for children who are learning to stay dry at night.

Invest in the Comfortnights Absorbent Bed Pad for a more hygienic, comfortable, and cost-effective solution to your bed wetting and continence issues.




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