ComfortCare MRSA Resistant Luxury Supersoft Wipe Clean Pillow

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  • Luxury Supersoft Pillow, Just as comfortable as a normal pillow.
  • MRSA Resistant and Flame Retardant to British Standard 7175
  • Easy to clean – Simply wipe it down! Made from super soft polyurethane
  • Breathable, while being completely waterproof.
  • When the pillow gets wet, all you need to do now is strip and wash the pillow cover. The pillow itself can be turned over and wiped with an antibacterial spray and left to dry.


The ComfortCare range of fluid proof latex free, breathable pillows and duvets all come with an impermeable cover and resilient polyester inner fill, they are also MRSA-resistant making them suitable for people with weak immune systems, severe asthmatics, diabetics, young children and the elderly.

By having a simple, wipe clean surface, these pillow and duvets require no laundering whilst being comfortable, hygienic and economical.

Flame Retardant to British Standard BS 7175.

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