Blue Aurrora Washable Bed Pad

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  •  Size: 85 x 90 cms (33.5″ x 35.5”) exc tucks
  •  Absorbent Capacity: 3000 ml (3 litres)
  •  Washes at 90°۠, medium heat tumble dry.
  •  Helps protect against soreness and infection
  • Available in packs of 1, 2 or 3
  • Comes in a stylish blue color for a comforting touch to any bedroom
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Introducing the Blue Aurrora Washable Bed Pad – the ultimate solution to ensure a comfortable and healthy sleep!

Made from premium quality materials, these washable bed protectors are soft and warm, providing maximum comfort to the sleeper. Additionally, their highly absorbent features ensure that the sleeper remains dry, reducing the need for frequent bedding changes and keeping unpleasant odours at bay.

The bed pads are designed to prevent soreness and infection, with a highly absorbent soaker layer that disperses liquid quickly for added comfort and faster drying. The top surface is built for long life, and the stay-dry fluid-proof barrier ensures that any leaks are contained. For added security, the bed pads come with tuck-in flaps as standard, keeping the pad securely in place throughout the night. The pads are also quilted with highly absorbent fibres to ensure faster liquid dispersal and help maintain dryness and comfort.

Overall, the Blue Aurrora Washable Bed Pad is a must-have for anyone looking for a comfortable and hygienic sleeping environment. Its highly absorbent features and secure design will provide peace of mind and improved sleep quality.

Size: 85 x 90 cm

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