Bibetta UltraBib with Sleeves – Hippos

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  • The ideal first weaning bib with sleeves with a soft, springy, pelican-style pocket that folds out to catch food
  • Raglan sleeved shape with a wide pocket and relaxed body shape for a long-lasting fit!
  • Adjustable Velcro fastening on the back means the bib stays on!
  • Made of neoprene so it is stretchy and flexible with a really soft and friendly feel that children love
  • Durable waterproof neoprene body
  • Strong, soft and waterproof sleeve material with elasticated cuffs
  • Absorbent top layer
  • Washable by hand or machine at 30 deg. C. max.
  • Tumble drier proof and durable
  • Perfect for baby led weaning and messy play

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Introducing Bibetta UltraBib with Sleeves – Hippos, the ultimate solution for your little one’s mealtime adventures! Designed by the experts at Bibetta, these award-winning neoprene Sleeved UltraBibs™ are here to make baby led weaning a breeze. With a clever and practical design, these bibs feature a unique springy, pelican-style pocket that folds out, allowing your baby to easily retrieve any dropped food. No more wasted bites! The Bibetta UltraBib is perfect for encouraging independence and self-feeding skills in your little one.

But it’s not just the functionality that sets these bibs apart; children absolutely adore the stretchy and flexible nature of the bibs. With a soft and friendly feel, they are super comfortable for your child to wear, ensuring a happy and enjoyable mealtime experience.

We understand that mess is inevitable, which is why the Bibetta UltraBib is equipped with high-quality waterproof sleeves and a neoprene body, offering excellent all-over protection. No more stains on clothes or food finding its way onto those adorable outfits! And when the meal is over, simply remove the bib and say goodbye to the mess.

The Bibetta UltraBib goes beyond mealtime, functioning as a versatile coverall bib for messy play and budding artists. Let your little one explore their creative side without the worry of dirt and stains ruining their clothes. Our UltraBib is the perfect companion for all of life’s messy adventures!

So, why choose Bibetta UltraBib with Sleeves – Hippos? Not only does it provide excellent protection and functionality, but it also offers unbeatable comfort and a friendly feel. Whether you’re starting the exciting journey of baby led weaning or seeking a practical solution for messy play, the Bibetta UltraBib has got you covered.

Make mealtime a fun and stress-free experience with the Bibetta UltraBib with Sleeves – Hippos. Get yours today and give your little one the best in comfort, protection, and style!


Bib Dimensions:
Neck Circumference: 24-34cm
Width: 30cm
Length: 29cm neck to base of pocket