12 Pack Baby Cotton Muslin Cloths

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  • Each cloth measures 70cm x 70 cm – plenty of room to wipe, mop up or cover
  • Muslins are made from soft 100% cotton that’s absorbent and won’t irritate your baby’s skin
  • Convenient pack of 12 muslins means that you’ll have one to hand when you need it
  • Use as a makeshift bib to protect your little one’s clothes when feeding
  • Use to create a soft, gentle surface when feeding
  • Tie a knot in the corner to create an instant comforter
  • Easy to machine wash and quick drying
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Introducing our 12 Pack Baby Cotton Muslin Cloths, the ultimate solution for parents seeking peace of mind when it comes to cleaning up spills and messes. Crafted with utmost care and quality, these cloths are designed to provide the gentlest touch for your little one’s delicate skin. Made from 100% cotton, our Muslin Squares offer a soft and comforting feel that your baby will love. Whether it’s dribble, drool, or unexpected spills, these cloths are there to swiftly mop them up, keeping your baby clean and dry.

With a generous pack of 12, never worry about running out or leaving your baby’s favorite cloth behind. Keep a few in your changing bag, stash some in the car, and have a handy supply at home – ensuring you’re always prepared for those unforeseen moments. Versatile beyond their primary purpose, these multi-functional cloths can also be used for winding and even as a comforting blanket for your little bundle of joy.

We understand how crucial it is to prioritize the care of your baby’s sensitive skin. That’s why our Muslin Squares are made with the highest quality cotton, ensuring they are gentle and non-irritating. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that these cloths are safe for your baby’s delicate skin.

Whether you’re at home or on the go, our Muslin Squares have got you covered. Their compact size and lightweight nature make them perfect for any adventure with your little one. Be it a trip to the park, a visit to the grandparents, or a family vacation, these cloths will be your trusty companion, ready to tackle any spills or clean up any messes that may arise.

In summary, our 12 Pack Baby Cotton Muslin Cloths are your ultimate ally in keeping your baby clean, comfortable, and content. Made from 100% cotton for a gentle touch, these versatile cloths are perfect for mopping up dribble, drool, and spills. With the convenience of a 12-pack, you’ll never have to worry about running out. Trust in the quality and reliability of our Muslin Squares, so you can focus on creating beautiful and memorable moments with your little one.