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In these uncertain and unprecedented times, we are still here and dispatching orders as normal.

Our warehouse staff are working to ensure that all orders leave in allocated time frames whilst adhering to social distancing rules.

Our couriers have also adopted new working practices to ensure safe delivery of goods during these strange times.

Please do bare with us if your delivery is a little delayed, the couriers are working their hardest however some delays are unavoidable.

New Range of Baby Items

We have added a new exciting range to our Children’s Nursery section.

UltraBibs™ Feeding and Weaning Bibs for Babies

The award-winning neoprene UltraBibs™ have a springy, pelican-style pocket that folds out, making them ideal for baby led weaning as babies can easily retrieve their valuable dropped food! Children love these stretchy, flexible bibs as they have a soft, friendly feel and are so comfortable to wear. The feeding bibs are naturally waterproof (being made of diving suit material), have a fine, stretchy outer fabric which is absorbent and look great in a fun range of contemporary prints and colours.

UltraBib with Sleeves™ Coverall Bibs for Babies and Toddlers

The award-winning neoprene Sleeved UltraBibs™ have a springy, pelican-style pocket that folds out, making them ideal for baby led weaning as babies can easily retrieve their valuable dropped food! Children love these stretchy, flexible bibs as they have a soft, friendly feel and are so comfortable to wear. They have soft, high quality, waterproof sleeves and a neoprene body for excellent comfort and all-over protection; remove the bib and remove the mess! It is a great coverall bib for messy play and budding artists!

Newborn Plush Bib

A lovely bib made with a unique, sumptuously soft, fine plush material (feels like a super-soft teddy) which is perfect for newborn babies. It absorbs dribble and milk yet is fast drying to prevent skin sores and has a 100% waterproof middle barrier to protect baby and baby’s clothes. Available in cream & taupe and white & grey to match any outfit. Perfect presents for a baby shower.

Super Soft Dribble Bib™

The dribble bib is one of the softest, lightest, most absorbent and most waterproof dribble bibs available, making it perfect for all-day wear. Styled as a bandana bib it has innovative pleats sewn around the neck, so the fabric is already gathered perfectly and more safely under the chin, and the pleats are guaranteed to catch lots more dribble! It has two layers of unique, fine, micro-fibre fabric which absorb dribble twice as fast as cotton and wick it comfortably away which keeps your child’s skin dry and protected. The elegant looking bib also has baby-soft velcro and strong, waterproof backing for the ultimate protection, comfort and peace of mind.

Washable bed pads.


Not a very interesting title but a very useful item. Washable bed pads are once again making a comeback. With the emphasis on reducing single-use items (disposable paper bed pads), reusable fabric bed pads are becoming more and more popular. Traditionally called Kylie sheets, anybody who has worked in a nursing home, hospital or care home will remember them well. Whatever you call bed pads they have the same useful properties and are now widely available for purchase by individuals for use at home.

Washable bed pads come in a range of sizes, colours and absorbencies. From the 60cm x 60cm pads, useful for children during toilet training or adults (to borrow a phrase from a famous panty liner producer) for the “OOPS moments” to the full cover for junior beds and double sizes for double beds. There is a choice of with or without “wings” (again a phrase favoured by the panty liner producer) which are flaps that tuck under the mattress to keep the pads from moving, these are especially useful for people who move around a lot in bed.

Once you have decided on a size that is suitable for your requirements, there are a few things to remember:-

  1. Always wash your bed pads before use as this increases the absorbency.
  2. Subsequent washes will also increase the absorbency when first purchased.
  3. Never use bleach or fabric conditioner in the wash as this affects the absorbency of the pad.
  4. Always buy the correct size and absorbency rating suitable for your needs.

A word of warning for those looking for a bed pad, always ensure that you buy a pad with a polyurethane barrier because these are breathable, silent in use and longer lasting than those with a plastic membrane.

Ultimate Guide to choosing the right duvet – Part 1

Struggling to choose the right duvet for you? Unsure of which filling to go for? Unsure of which tog to choose? Then continue reading for part one of our “Ultimate Guide to choosing the right duvet”

Bedding is an everyday essential, it is believed that the average person will spend at least a third of their life asleep, therefore to me it makes sense that you should invest in bedding which, a) meets your needs, and b) aids a good night’s sleep.

Duvets are available in a range of sizes, togs, and fillings, and can range from as little as £10 to more than £100, however before you part with your hard-earned cash it is important to know what you want and need.

The first thing to consider before purchasing your duvet is the TOG rating, this number refers to how well the duvet will trap warm air around you, and in turn how warm (or cool) a duvet will keep you at night.

TOG scales range from 1-15, the most popular being 4.5 tog (coolest), 10.5 tog, 13.5 tog and 15 tog (warmest). For the summer a 1-7 tog duvet is suitable, for the winter 10.5tog or above is better. Buying multiple duvets may not be practical, therefore opting for a 10.5 tog duvet to use all year around is what many go for.

The common misconception that TOG rating relates to the weight of the duvet is incorrect. Natural fibre duvets have better thermal qualities, which means that they do not require as much filling as those made with synthetic fibres, therefore making them lighter.

rolled duvets
rolled duvets